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    A small intro video

    Hey guys, a made a small intro video for DreamMS and posted it on YouTube. Link below
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    ITCG Guide

    ITCG items are obtained by ITCG Chests which can be bought at Ephey's NX Shop using the trade button. A RARE ITCG item could be used to craft items like Storm Caster Gloves, Crystal Ilbis, Facestompers. This guide will only cover item manuals that can be crafted through John Barricade. Below are...
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    Astaroth Quest Line

    1) To do the Astaroth Quest, you would first have to complete all your Job Quest given by your respective first job instructors. After completing all the quests, you will then be able to start the questline with 5 quests called 'Who broke the seal of Marbas, Crocell, Amdusias, Valefor and...
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    Multi Pet Quest

    Hi guys, this is a guide for multi Pets for those who are having trouble completing it. Note: Not all pets will activate the quest, especially donor pets. As far as I know, White rabbit and White Tiger would activate the quest. 1) First of all the quest is called “Pet Instructor Test” and the...
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    How to get Gachapon Tickets?

    You can only get them via the trade button beside the cash shop button. It costs 3mil meso for 5 tickets or 5mil meso for 10 tickets
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    S> TMA 35 Maple magician shield

    C/o 175m Will be selling to the highest offer on the 15/08/19...
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    B> topwear luk 60%

    Buying topwear for luk 60%%%%
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    Evolve Ring

    Got this off google lols. But it’s just a template, staff can just tweak the stats if this is approved.
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    Evolve Ring

    Here is the picture of the Evolve ring as it was previously deleted 😂
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    Chat Box for the forum

    Maybe we could have like a small little live chatbox on the forums
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    Voting rewards

    Is it possible to add like a streak of constant voters maybe by 50NX per vote without breaking the streak and capped at an additional of 1k NX and maybe change the voting to twice a day instead of 4times as it is quite hard to vote every 6 hourly... Maybe once per vote would be 7k NX?? Please...
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    Nice to meet you all ^^ You could add me in game IGN: MsGenia

    Nice to meet you all ^^ You could add me in game IGN: MsGenia
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    Mu Long DOJO Hp buff

    I might be wrong but i have been observing that the HP buff that the bosses drop after they die in the Mu Long Dojo arent working. After i have picked it up the HP doesnt increases.
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    Evolve Ring

    Is it possible to add evolve ring into the server but maybe change it to every 5 or 10 levels gained the level of the ring increases by 1? So it’s either the ring reaches lvl 17 when we are lvl 80 or 170...
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    S> Barlog chair

    Nope it’s not. It’s from the random chair box. Am I allowed to sell it??