Ban Appeal Please

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May 24, 2019
  • List all characters associated with the banned account(s): Zbuster, and I think somehow Charbroiled got banned too, tho he was logged off.
  • Recollection of what you were doing at the moment you were banned
- I was in the middle of zakum. I think the last thing I did, I tried to use hypnotise on one of the mobs right before I got banned, not sure if it was 2nd or third body. I was in there with Euna, Juranga and BuRnt.
  • Any reason as to why you may have been banned
- I don't think so, I was just doing Zakum, nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Provide as much information and/or evidence to support your appeal
- I didn't think to screenshot, it just happened. I suspect that the others maybe will post a ban appeal as well. I don't think I did anything wrong? XD
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