I'm Akash


Jun 6, 2019
Yo, my name is Akash. You might know me from some other maplestory private servers - I have played quite a few.

Anyways, at first I thought dreamMS wasn't going to be anything special, just some generic v83 server. However, after looking at some of the features more in depth, and after having brief chat interactions with dreaM, I've decided to give the server a shot.

On the other private servers I am a fairly competitive end game player, and I do intend to be a competitive end game player here as well - though it will probably take a lot of time since I want to take it slow on this server.

My goals on this server will be to make 3 attacking classes, a bowmaster, an aran, and a nightlord.

I want to level the bowmaster with an insane amount of base int so that it reaches 12.5K MP (this is how much MP you need to be able to fire hurricane continously for 5 minutes), and I want to level the aran and nightlord normally (with no INT).

I'm not quite sure on how I want to accomplish this so far, but I've been thinking about starting out with a HS mule and the bowmaster and go from there.

Anyways, I hope to see some of you in game and if possible would love to hear any tips you guys have for players starting out on this server!
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