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Apr 30, 2019
Hi everyone,

Firstly I want to give a big thank you to the community that has stuck by to support us. It brings me great joy to see that you all enjoy what we have created and that my hard work is appreciated. Your kind words and loyalty is the reason I continue to actively develop the server :)

This post is for us to understand how you would like the server to progress moving forward. As the majority of our player base creep up towards level 200, we are considering making some big changes to extend our content beyond the nostalgic v83. But this won't happen unless decided by you, the community.

Some proposed changes:
  • Increasing the level cap from 200 to 250
  • Importing new areas like Lion Heart Castle, Gate of Future
  • Increasing some 4th job skill caps to 40
  • Possibly introduce some equips
When I first created the server, my vision was to create a challenging yet fun environment. I continue to stand by that and will ensure these changes will be balanced if implemented. Also note that there is no intention to implement content further than Gate of Future.

Feel free to provide feedback, suggestions and whatnot below.


May 16, 2019
All servers get to a limited point, that's why there need be constant update/balances. Pink Bean is end bossing for pre bigbang but it is almost impossible to beat without changes. The problem on pinkbean is the difficult and low reward. Maybe nerfing him a bit and make better timeless items would make it more attractive than just mw30 Wich is 50% success.
The idea to bring new imported content is very nice. But balancing the current ones is essential.
Some servers are making fast pace progress gameplay with the link % stats per lv mule and lv up system on items. It allows players to reach high content faster but they need farm and lv multiple toons.
There are also limited rebirth to make some new gameplay combo.

As for now and mentioned above, bringing lhc for grinding helps those who can't join bosses daily.
As for new gear, some servers are cs based with the weapon att on armor and accessories.
I personally dislike rng to success, such as CS and it being so limited to gacha and coins, but having a way to increase our dps helps our progress.


Jun 6, 2019
1) Increasing level cap from 200 to 250.

One thing that you should note is that it significantly introduces power creep in the server (as you are effectively adding 50 levels of stat to a character, as well as bringing in the possibility for level 25 BoF).

For end game characters, this is basically adding roughly 55 weapon attack worth of damage.

2) I am always in support of more content - it just needs to be balanced properly.

3) This once again would significantly introduce power creep. IMO, the overall power level in V83 servers is already on the high end, so it is important to keep this in mind so that you don't turn your game into "solostory".

4) One thing i dislike about introducing new equips is that old ones usually become irrelevant, that being said there is a proper way to do this and it certainly can add to your server.

Overall I think that current balance in your server is very good - and that in order to preserve this, you will need to think about how future content affects your current balance.
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