Power Creep

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Mar 18, 2020
I think power creep is coming in strong especially with level 250 and level 40 books and there is now 250 extra stat you can get as well as the level 40 books making everything stronger. I feel like some things should be nerfed to keep the game challenging. I think 1 or a few things below should be implemented.

I think you should scale down the % gained from 40 books. Some classes already reach 30+ mill DPM before the buff some reaching 40mill+ now.
I also think the stat gained from 200-250 should just be 3 every level.
Blatantly make it harder to get to 250 clearly there was no balance thought that went into implementing the exp for the end game maps for grinding because I don't care how much you play you shouldn't be able to get from 200-250 in a matter of like a week or 2.
Also, bosses should be updated either through hp values or more fun mechanics. So the power creep moves with end game.
Update the stats to end game weapons, maybe lowering them.
I am not sure what is in the back burner but add new bosses.

Otherwise, this game which, already can be solo story, will become solo story.


Jun 6, 2019
I very much agree. I had hoped that the patch adding level 250 as the cap and level 40 skillbooks would add to the longevity of this server, but it looks like it was made too easy to obtain and in practice seems that it will end up shortening the servers lifespan.


May 16, 2019
About the longevity of server it depends on alot things and not just only Lv cap.
Even if you played Vanilla version of Maplestory 4-8x exp you could still get to lv200 in matter of months. 3-4months and all depends on class and time played.

Server longevity depends on content such as Boss, PQs, Events, New Places and constant Updates. That also includes nerfs and buffs to balance out unreachable contents on vanilla (PB,CHT), HP wash etc.

I get the point about making it too easy could break the game, but making stuff impossible none would even want to waste time knowing it is impossible.

lv40 Books arent easy, you can't just solo boss and daily hunt them. Not only because of low population but bacause they are still challenging. Czak, PB,CHT needs alot of effort and party play.

I agree with the post lv200 is fast compared to 150-180, but that is because we got new map added to lv160+ which actually was made for post 200 grinding place.
Also the exp required is not curved like lv1-200 so we always get the same exp. and that is capped and can't edit.

The players who can play bunch of hours could reach 250 quickly, but we benefited from the 2x exp buff which is now removed and from event exp. But you should also consider your late game grinding. when hitting lv180+ you gona see yourself wanting new place to level because without it, you could only lv by bossing and Area boss. Even tho many ppl lved from Dojo farming which is nerfed now. (Dojostory sux tho)

Some of us played this server a year or close to it, and it took very long to reach end game and after that we lack of content. The buffs we got was needed for end game content indroduced as mentioned above and even still they are not that easy to do as some of you think.

As for solo story it is not true, doing zak 5min with 5 full equipped 200+ DPSer is not same as doing it alone which still takes me 30mins to clear. Why would even waste time to solo expedition if you will get same reward but much longer in time. ( none would want to solo HT+ , even if you do solo it is not even worth it)

There is diference between hardcore gamers who play 10 hours daily farm and ppl who can barely play 2-3 hours daily, not only that, there is a diference about players who is new to the game or to the maple version with the experienced players and Veterans.

Feedbacks are very important, this is my point of view and experience from it.
-Nerfs is needed? maybe yes or not. everything should be discussed.

DreamMS is not Vanilla Maplestory version 83, it is a server which tries to develop new contents and playstyle, every maplestory will stagnate at one point and will lack content. It is my opinion and how I see it.


Staff member
Apr 30, 2019
Hi there,

I appreciate the concern you have regarding the latest patch and its impact on our server. Note that there were countless hours and feedback from many players put into this patch.

The patch was designed to further elevate players to be able to contest end-game bosses such as Chaos Horntail and Pink Bean. As of now, even with 2-3 parties of the top DPS in our server, they are still taking several hours to clear these bosses. In the past, these bosses would be impossible to contest therefore we have made numerous implementations to allow for progression to happen.

I agree with the point made on our first player to achieve level 250 within 3 weeks. We are continually monitoring the impacts of the patch and have made necessary changes where we saw fit and will continue to do so. For now, the new region seems balanced - we will not nerf it to the point that players will not utilize it. Due to client limitations, the exp cannot surpass 2.1b therefore we decided to have the exp curve flattened and set to that figure.

It does not make sense to increase the HP of existing bosses just because players that have played the game for over a year are strong. They are strong because of progression and are now able to take on more challenging bosses. The change would make expeditions more difficult for new players.

Through my observation of the current and past meta, the server has never been played solo. Each expedition past Horntail requires a party and I don't see any player willing to spend multiple hours taking on a boss alone.

When you have reached this stage of progression and still have concerns, please feel free to open a new suggestion.
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