Rant about something I find is a fundemental problem with maplestory in general


Aug 6, 2019
I've been searching around for a server and it seems that my mind gets disconnected over what I subjectively find to be an issue that keeps occurring. With each versions having "problems" of their own. Which may in turn explain the popular "Wipe mentality" along with the bell curve of popularity after a server release.

--Modern Maplestory servers(Postbb):
It seems that the balance is simply out of wack, while the content is cool, most servers i've played comes down to whoever does the most lines. This extends to a point where if there is any form of custom content, only certain classes are "accepted or invited". Cubes being behind vote-walls makes it so there is an extreme time gated feeling to progression, rather than earning your content. Which leaves me bored.

While the early "fresh" gameplay is interesting, there is a massive lack of content and things to do once you reach your fouth job. It ends up all about scrolling an item and making alternate characters. Probably why the Wipe cuture is so popular there because people are back at the actual content.

While the content is far better on this version, it also gets to a content drought if you are a dedicated player. v83 servers sometimes have custom content to address this however "little things" like poor coding, lag, ddos attacks or bad press end up causing a downward spiral of "This server is dead". Which creates a fear that the server will be wiped. So people are often keen on waiting for the server to actually wipe to start playing on it.

While cubes and the extra PQ allow for an additional layer of content. Since there is no quality repacks and the lack of popularity of this version the implementation often suffer greatly. Poor scripting and what not. I personally revolve on those servers as I feel there is just more things to do, without being crazy like post bb. That's not even including timegated cubes behind vote walls which makes the experience daunting at best.

This makes me wonder.. Is there anything that can be done? Why does the game seem to stagnate and make us want to jump on a fresh server rather than continue our characters that we placed countless hours in?

I noticed dreamMS has expeditions and extra layers of content that are very interesting, I'm simply wondering if I will feel the same here? I have been exclusively playing v92 servers because of cubes adding a layer.. However I think that's only a band-aid for a bigger problem.

I wonder, am I the only one who feels this way?