Server lying about drop rates


Feb 26, 2020
I compared drop rates of DreamMs which claims to have 3x drop rate with those of MapleRoyals which has a 2x drop rate.
Within 1 hour of training on Tick-Tocks, I found a grand total of 0 Scroll for Claw Att scrolls in DreamMs while I found 2 in MapleRoyals.
When repeated for another hour I found 1 in DreamMs and 3 in Mapleroyals. Repeated again, 0 in DreamMS 3 in MapleRoyals.
While playing on DreamMS, I found it very clear and obvious the server is lying about its drop rates. If anyone has played on any other server before or while playing here, it should be obvious that this "3x" drop rate is a lie to lure new players. The market is dead because there are no drops.


Staff member
Apr 30, 2019
Hi there! Welcome to the server.

I understand you are frustrated with the experience so far. You have made a comparison between our server and another yet you failed to take into consideration that we run on different sources - this means that drop rates of specific items will not be identical to that of 2 servers.

We are always open to suggestions. Feel free to lodge a suggestion if you deem the drop rate of an item is too low. We will gladly raise it as we have done in the past (see approved suggestions).

That being said, you should take into account the time spent and how many monsters you have killed when analysing your results.

If you have any further issues, feel free to post below or you can reach me directly through discord.


May 31, 2019
v62 and v83 have vastly different drop chances. also, your sample size is tiny. try 50+ hours to get more accurate rates :)

the market is kinda dead atm bc everyone pretty much has what they need and/or would rather spend their mesos on gacha. there's TOO MUCH supply for the demand imo. i literally sit on stacks of scrolls or just drop them bc nobody buys f3


Apr 19, 2020
Actually i feel you man, ive trained my char from lvl 80~ to lvl 98 (current) and still going at galloperas, in total I’d say it was about 5-6 hrs of grinding there.
Those mobs should drop gfa 60% and all i got from that time is 5 bottomwear dex 60% and got none gfa 60.

feels really frustrating..