Shaolin Temple, Chaos Zakum


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Apr 30, 2019
China : Shanghai Wai-Tan


Shanghai is the heart of China. Low-level players are encouraged to visit this region.

Monster level range: 20~33
How to get here: fly to Shanghai via Singapore : Changi Airport

Eastern China : Shaolin Temple


We are pleased to introduce a new end-game region for your exploration.

Monster level range: 80~130
How to get here: fly to Lushan Town via Shanghai : Temporary Airport


Craft these new items through Master Xuanci located at Mahavira Hall.

489 Expedition : Wulin YaoSeng

Level req: 120~200
Party req: 2~30
Coin reward: 3
Location: Eastern China : Secret Library
How to get here: top floor of Shaolin Temple

Level: 150
HP: 750,000,000
Exp: 150,000,000

490 Expedition : Chaos Zakum

Level req: 120~200
Party req: 3~30
Coin reward: 14
Location: Last Mission : Chaos Zakum's Altar
How to get here: via channel 2 of The Door to Zakum

Level: 140
HP: 3,592,800,000
Exp: 126,246,400

Eliminating HP Washing


We promised our players that HP washing is not required to progress and begin their quest against the many bosses we have to offer.

Introducing 2 new items which we hope to eliminate HP washing and also bridge the gap to Pink Bean.

Scroll of Eternal Life can be obtained from Horntail expeditions.

Chaos Zakum's Ruby can be obtained from Chaos Zakum expeditions.

Both items will have identical HP/MP gain as the Scroll of Tenacity but will include +2 stat gain upon success.


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