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Apr 25, 2020
As a ranged attacker (f/p archmage) who typically trains solo or alongside other ranged attackers at HoH (primarily in the middle and top platforms), I have noticed that the mobs on the middle and top platform do not respawn unless the bottom level mobs (where the melee attackers primarily stay at) are killed. However, from personal experience training at HoH for prolonged hours, I have noticed that I have the most difficulty finding a bottom/melee attacker for HoH; ranged attackers are much more readily available in comparison. Upon inquiry in the suggestions channel on discord, I found out that this was intended by dream to "promote activeness around the map." While the intention is fair, the reality of the situation is such that given the lack of melee attackers present to clear bot lane, the mid/top platform mobs have a significantly decreased overall spawn rate; the map itself is no longer an ideal training spot as a ranged player (especially those that are reliant on this map to train outside of bossing given their heavily focused single target dps nature) given that they now heavily rely on the presence of a melee attacker to obtain optimal exp for themselves.

As such, what ends up happening is:

Solo grinding: I have to switch between the top and middle platforms, sometimes even waiting 10+ seconds for a single mob to respawn when there are no mobs present on the mid/top platforms. This significantly increases the down time for exp gain turning the training map from one of the best areas to train at (for most ranged attackers outside of bossing) to one of the subpar areas in terms of exp grinding. As a mage, it is slightly more viable given we can FMA the ground level mobs and have the upper lanes respawn; however, this is not an optimal strategy in the least for training given the significant meso/potion deficit a mage experiences at the ground level using their FMA in addition to the significant downtime and decreased exp they receive in general training at the bottom platform (see Mage Changes post for a comparison of EPM between the single mob platforms versus the bottom platform although the current EPM will be slightly improved for the bottom lane given one of the mobs now has a fire elemental weakness for meteor in my case and is significantly improved for the single mob platforms as of yesterday's EPM testing. Can provide the exact values if necessary).

Duo grinding with another ranged attacker: Without a bottom melee attacker to kill the mobs, my duo and I found that one of us ends up hanging on the ladder leeching/afking/waiting as only 1 single mob lane mob spawns at a time (whether it be mid or top). In order to get both single mob platform mobs to spawn, a ranged needs to attack at the bottom lane; however, this is not obviously not ideal.

With the 5/9 changes providing a fixed spawn rate for KC4 making it ideal for ranged only with melee attackers typically training at KC1, my suggestion is to revert the spawn changes to HoH to be set at a fixed interval (or at least for the mid/top platform mobs, similarly to KC4). Given most training parties are not a set group of people that always train together and typically have a more pug type nature, it seems unreasonable to have to change maps depending on the party composition when some members may not train for an extended period of time (i.e. ranged duo training at KC4 shifts to HoH for 30 minutes because a melee attacker joined the party and needs to go back to KC4 once the melee attacker leaves). With the current spawn rate at HoH and a more fixed spawn rate for KC4 (and possibly KC1, unsure if spawn is also fixed there), I believe that this may inherently promote a segregation between melee and ranged attackers given each type of attacker is able to receive more consistent exp gains by staying in their own optimal grind map rather transitioning to HoH whenever a different type of attacker (melee joining majority ranged party or vice versa) joins the party. While ranged attacker and melee attackers can rely on training at KC4 and KC1, respectively, if they are unable to find a party composition with different types of attackers, HoH should also remain an available, and viable, training spot for those that are in parties whose compositions are more dynamic, especially given that many players on this server do not play on the same timezones and may join a training party at different times creating a more dynamic nature to the party composition.
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Apr 30, 2019
As mentioned on discord, this is intended GMS behaviour for spawns. It has been like this since inception of our server.

In your scenario, KC4 was modified to accommodate ranged players. HoH was designed for a party of both ranged and meelee. If your party consists of 2 ranged then the more logical decision would be to grind at KC4, not at HoH.
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