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Apr 30, 2019
568 Expedition: Pink Bean

Level req: 140~200
Party req: 6~30
Coin reward: 30
Location: Deep Place of Temple : Twilight of Gods

Do you think you have what it takes to take on Pink Bean? Gather your team and navigate deep into the Temple of Time.

To combat the immense difficulty of this boss, 2 changes have been made that differ from GMS:

  • Increased expedition time limit from 1 to 2 hours
  • Increased death limit from 5 to 10
569 Monster Card System

Introducing a fun and exciting way to further improve your stats. Collect up to 323 cards dropped by monsters all across the Maple World. Keep track of your progress by accessing the Monster Book from your key bind.

Players will be given an 582Absolute Hunter Everchanging Ring with their level 10 Milestone Reward (existing players can temporarily receive this through Ephey). The ring will automatically be upgraded as you make progress with your Monster Book.

For each completed Monster Card set (5 cards): +5 HP
For each completed Monster Book tier (tab):
Bonus Stat+1 Stats+1 Stats, +2 Jump, +5 Speed+1 Stats, +3 WAtk, +3 MAtk+1 Stats, +10 Accuracy+1 Stats, +1 WAtk, +1 MAtk +1 Stats, +10 Accuracy, +1 WAtk, +1 MAtk+1 Stats, +2 Jump, +5 Speed, +1 WAtk, +1 MAtk +1 Stats, +2 WAtk, +2 MAtk +2 Stats, +11 Watk, +11 Matk

571 Pandora's Box

We are implementing a suggestion by Xuan which gives players even more to look forward to during expeditions. These boxes may be rewarded upon completion of Zakum, Horntail and Chaos Zakum if you have passed at least 5 Scroll of Tenacity. Unlock higher reward rates as you make progress with your Tenacity, Eternal Life, Chaos Ruby level.

Players that have passed 5Scroll of TenacityScroll of Eternal LifeChaos Zakum Ruby
Reward rate30%60%80%
TierCommonRareVery Rare
RewardsOnyx Apple, Heartstopper, Naricain's Demon Elixir, Subani's Mystic Cauldron, Wheel of Destiny, Safety Charm, Premium Cash Shop Surprise5~30 Inkwell Coin, Clean Slate Scroll 10%, ITCG Materials BoxWhite Scroll, Chaos Scroll, Blackfist Cloak, Clean Slate Scroll 20%

Skill Changes

572 Super Transformation
  • Removed Buccaneer's Super Transformation cooldown, now requires The Magic Rock to cast
573 Demolition
  • Increased Buccaneer's Demolition base power from 450 to 500
574 Dragon Strike
  • Increased Buccaneer's Dragon Strike base power from 850 to 900
575 Barrage
  • Increased Buccaneer's Barrage base power from 280 to 330
576 Spear Crusher
  • Increased Dragon Knight's Spear Crusher base power from 170 to 200
577 Pole Arm Crusher
  • Increased Dragon Knight's Pole Arm Crusher base power from 170 to 200
578 Brandish
  • Increased Hero's Brandish base power from 300 to 350
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