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Apr 30, 2019
602 <Expedition> Chaos Horntail

Level req: 120-200
Party req: 2-30
Coin reward: 18
Location: Cave of Life : Chaos Horntail's Cave

603 Timeless Revamp

All Timeless gear have been revamped to give a distinction to their Reverse counterpart. This not only makes Pink Bean more worthwhile but unlocks a deeper end-game while also opening paths to different builds.

Note that all Timeless gear have their level req increased to 140.

NameTimeless EarringsTimeless PendantTimeless Moonlight
New Stats3 Stats, 900 HP20 Stats+5 ATT, +5 MATT, each level up has a chance to gain 0-2 ATT/MATT

NameTimeless FennelTimeless BergamotTimeless TaragonTimeless Kite ShieldTimeless Grabbe
New Stats10 STR10 STR, 6 DEX12 STR, 10 DEX10 slots, each level up has a chance to gain 0-2 ATT8 STR, 4 DEX

NameTimeless ExecutionersTimeless NibleheimTimeless BardicheTimeless TabarzinTimeless AllargandoTimeless BellocceTimeless DiesraTimeless Alchupiz
New Stats122 ATT112 ATT, fast speed135 ATT127 ATT, fast speed132 ATT125 ATT, fast speed118 ATT, normal speed115 ATT, normal speed

NameTimeless CoralTimeless HermosaTimeless Myst BlueTimeless PreludeTimeless CabatinaTimeless Enreal TearTimeless Areas Hand
New Stats10 INT, 6 LUK10 INT, 7 LUK12 INT, 6 LUK10 slots, each level up has a chance to gain 0-2 MATT7 INT, 5 LUK142 MATT142 MATT

NameTimeless RapidoTimeless PrestoTimeless EvernewTimeless RontanoTimeless EngawTimeless Black Beauty
New Stats10 DEX, 5 STR10 DEX, 7 STR12 DEX, 8 STR8 DEX, 4 STR115 ATT118 ATT

NameTimeless ChiveTimeless LubavTimeless PrinsidTimeless ListTimeless MoonsteedTimeless PescasTimeless KillicTimeless Lampion
New Stats10 LUK, 6 DEX10 LUK, 7 DEX12 LUK, 8 DEX15 ATT, 10 slots, each level up has a chance to gain 0-2 ATT8 LUK, 5 DEX113 ATT112 ATT63 ATT

NameTimeless Conrad HenkelTimeless CharlstonTimeless BurguntTimeless FaraonTimeless EquinoxTimeless Blindness
New Stats9 STR, 9 DEX9 STR, 9 DEX12 STR, 12 DEX8 STR, 8 DEX92 ATT92 ATT

605 Ephey's Daily Challenge

Ephey hears you're up for a challenge! Complete the challenge she sets before you each day and be rewarded with percentage-based exp; depending on your level.

Earn streaks for being consistent! Players will be rewarded with a Pandora's Box on the 5th day. For those that just don't give up, they'll be awarded 2 Pandora's Box on the 10th day.

You'll have 24 hours to complete the challenge, with the next available challenge starting at midnight. Note that streaks are reset after the 10th day.

Level Bracket10-2930-119120-149150-169170+
Exp % gained50%70%20%10%5%

604 Skill Changes

606 Hurricane
  • Increased Bowmaster's Hurricane base power from 110 to 120
607 Concentrate
  • Increased Bowmaster's Concentrate bonus weapon att. from 26 to 40
  • Concentrate now provides 10 avoidability
608 Strafe
  • Increased Sniper's Strafe arrow count from 4 to 5
609 Marskman Boost
  • Increased Marksman's Marksman Boost bonus weapon att. from 10 to 20
610 Battleship
  • Reduced Corsair's Battleship cooldown from 75 to 60 seconds
  • Battleship now provides 10 weapon att.
  • Reworked Battleship's HP formula to consider the player's passed hp scrolls
611 Battleship Cannon
  • Increased Corsair's Battleship Cannon base power from 380 to 400
612 Boomerang Step
  • Shadower's Boomerang Step can now be casted off platforms and in the air
613 Super Transformation
  • Buccaneer's Super Transformation now provides 10 weapon att.
614 Blast
  • Increased Paladin's Blast base power from 580 to 600
617 Gachapon Changes
  • Gachapon rewards are now fully universal
  • Gachapon rewards remain categorized in 5 tiers (common, uncommon, rare, epic, unique)
  • Gachapon Tickets have been added to the cash shop. These tickets have reduced rates for epic and unique tier rewards
  • Introducing Premium Gachapon Ticket with boosted rates for epic and unique tier rewards. Only obtained through the Essentials Shop
  • Introducing Gachapon Lucky Dip! Each day a Gachapon will be randomly selected to have doubled rates for epic and unique tier rewards. Resets at midnight
618 Pandora's Box Changes
  • Expedition members now have a flat 70% chance to obtain a Pandora's Box
  • Tier 1 and 2 rates now increase based on a player's passed hp scrolls (Scroll of Tenacity, Scroll of Eternal Life, Chaos Zakum's Ruby)
  • Inkwell Coin quantity is now based on a player's passed hp scrolls
  • Revised Pandora's Box rewards
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
White Scroll, Chaos Scroll, Clean Slate Sroll 10%, Clean Slate Scroll 20%, Premium ITCG Materials ChestPremium Gachapon Ticket (10), Inkwell Coin, Scroll for Pet Equip for ATT 15%, Scroll for Pet Equip for MATT 15%, Scroll for Shield for ATT 15%, Scroll for Shield for MATT 15%, Scroll for Gloves for ATT 15%, Scroll for Gloves for MATT 15%Scroll for Pet Equip for ATT 60%, Scroll for Pet Equip for MATT 60%, Gachapon Ticket (10), Onyx Apple, Heartstopper, Narician's Demon Elixir, Subani's Mystic Cauldron, Cash Shop Surprise, ITCG Materials Chest
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